About Me

Amanda Newman PhotoI’ve been working in digital design for over 15 years, specializing in interfaces and user experience. These days, I’m a Sr. UI/UX Designer at Autotask Corporation. In a past life, I worked on casual games and virtual world experiences (if you want to learn a lot about human behavior- I highly recommend giving that a try).

Before “UX” had household recognition, we were just designers who cared about people. I’ve always been driven by a passion for connecting people with technology that can improve their lives, and I personally measure success by the value a product brings to a person.

As of late, I’m loving the challenge of defining design processes/systems and fostering cross-discipline collaboration in order to enable our UX team at Autotask to be more efficient and effective!

In my spare time, I’m an electronic musician, dancer, terrarium-maker, and serial DIYer. I love living in/exploring the beautiful Catskill mountains of Upstate NY, and finding the best cup of coffee wherever life takes me.